Steps to take when you urgently need a bail lawyer

Bail lawyerIn some cases, a person will know in advance when they are going to be taken to court for a criminal charge. In these circumstances, people are easily able to find a representative, make a plan, have time to process, and can chat with their friends and family members about the matter at hand. This isn’t always the case, however, and some people will find that they are placed under arrest and are to be kept in prison until the date of their court hearing. This can make things very difficult for their loved ones, can challenge them mentally, and can make things difficult with their work. It can also mean that it becomes much harder to prepare for a trial. Because of all of these reasons and more, people in these circumstances will urgently seek support from a professional bail lawyer. From here, a professional bail lawyer is able to put in an application on the behalf of their client so that they can return home to prepare for their day in court. There are factors that will contribute to whether a judge will accept this application or if they decide to include certain conditions that are fair and reasonable. As spending time in prison can be such a traumatic experience, it is imperative for people in these circumstances to find a good bail lawyer as soon as possible. And so this article will explore some steps to take when urgently needing a bail lawyer.

Steps to take during an arrest

The first thing that people will have to go through is an arrest. This is usually when a police officer believes that someone is a risk to a member of their family, if they reasonably believe that they have committed a crime, or if they have a warrant for their arrest. When this does occur, the first step is to always go with the officer and listen to their directions. Otherwise they are able to charge a person with resisting arrest. If they happen to be too forceful during an arrest, a bail lawyer will also be able to help their client make a complaint. Once at the station, information will be gathered and it will be determined whether someone is kept in custody or not. If someone is kept in custody they are able to make two phone calls. One of these calls can be used to contact a loved one and another call can be made to a bail lawyer. From there, they can act as a representative and help their client with their application to be released from prison.

Steps to understanding the conditions of a release

There are some conditions of a release that must be met in order for someone to be sent home from prison. One of the first conditions is that a person is living in a certain place e.g. they cannot be couch surfing throughout this time. They must also report to the police station, promise to attend their court date, and have someone to act as their surety. For others, they may have additional conditions that they must adhere to such as not going near a certain family member, they must complete regular urine testing, or they may stick to a curfew. If these conditions are broken, there can be very serious consequences, all of which a professional bail lawyer can explain to their clients. While being placed under arrest can be a very trying time, it is important not to panic or make any rash decisions. Simply calling a bail lawyer is the best move to make every time.

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